About us


Be After Way is a startup which provides workshops, webinars, and online interactive teaching sessions at affordable prices. We aim to help you on the road to achieve your goals. Our objective is to help everyone regardless of their age, gender, and location to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our founding members all resonate the same voice when it comes to their passion for education. We all strongly believe Be After Way gives people the platform to explore, broaden and deepen their skills. Be After Way is an online platform to help learners get access to today’s in-demand skill. Our goal is to foster opportunities for creativity in the classroom and workplace. Be After Way makes learning easy. We have an intuitive platform to help educators teach as well as let students learn various topics and courses online in a scheduled and timely manner.

Our vision is to help anybody who wants to learn, improve, and develop their skills.


The founders met in 2017 after graduating from their respective schools at Jesus and Mary College while pursuing a double major in Marketing and Computer Application. They developed their leadership qualities, communication skills, and other relevant life skills during their time there, while also realizing their passion for helping others live up to their full potential and being better version of themselves. After working for various companies at different designations they realized there was a need in the market for teaching important relevant life skills that helps people to gain a more practical knowledge of day to day life.